Enterprises consultancy

GLaw’s principle is to accompany with Clients from the start and support throughout the business process. Therefore, our services are also set up upon the basis of the above principle.

Thành lập công ty vốn nước ngoài

Hiện nay, các nhà đầu tư nước ngoài khi đầu tư vào Việt Nam thường hay sử dụng 2 hình thức đầu tư đó là: lập mới dự án đầu tư hoặc góp vốn vào công ty Việt Nam. Mỗi phương án đều có ưu nhược điểm và nhà đầu tư cần được luật sư tư vấn kỹ hơn trước khi quyết định.

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Company establishment service

As the most basic procedure that all enterprises have to conduct, we not only carry out business establishment procedures for Clients but also provide in-depth advice on Law on Enterprises, accounting tax advice so that each established business have a clear understanding of legal regulations for businesses.


Điều chỉnh giấy chứng nhận đầu tư

Khác với việc điều chỉnh thông tin trên Giấy chứng nhận đăng ký kinh doanh, điều chỉnh giấy chứng nhận đầu tư khó hơn nhiều. Các thông tin hay điều chỉnh gồm: Thay đổi tên và địa chỉ của nhà đầu tư, thay đổi địa điểm dự án đầu tư, tăng vốn góp, thay đổi mục tiêu dự án, ngành nghề.

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Application for business licenses

To manage business activities of the organizations and individuals easily and effectively. Organizations or individuals wishing to do business in any industry must first apply for a business license. There are two types of business licenses: Business Certificate for Individual Business Household and Enterprise Registration Certificate.


Procedures for changing information on business license

All enterprises and business households can change or supplement most of the information on their business license as required. Below are some of the procedures that businesses and household businesses often change.

Change of company address

How do the procedures for changing company address work? What files does the change of company address require? And more importantly, what are the notes on the change in company address? Let’s figure it out through this article.


Change of company name

This article will show you if the procedure of changing the company name is difficult or not. Besides, give you some guidance on procedures for changing the company name, the regulations in the name of the company and some notes after changing the name of the business.


Adding business lines

The most important thing in the process of changing business lines is to choose the suitable codes from the list of business lines as well as to get to know the conditions needed to conduct those business lines.


Increase or decrease charter capital

Changing the charter capital of each type of enterprise is quite different. We will guide the procedures to be carried out and some notes after increasing / decreasing the charter capital of the business.


Other licenses and procedures

As the other 3 common procedures that GLaw Vietnam regularly give advice for, simple as they seem, they are the leading cause of future disputes for enterprises.

Intellectual property

The main contents commonly registered include: business name, logo, designs, information, data, formulas, software, technical solutions, trade secrets, trademarks, industrial designs, phonograms, video recordings, new plant varieties, goods and services.


Drafting and reviewing contracts

The lawyers and experts team of Glaw Vietnam advise on drafting and reviewing the contract for an enterprise based on two core criteria: Complying with the law of Vietnam and ensuring the most favorable terms for enterprises.


Company suspension – Procedures for dissolution of the company

Enterprises are allow to suspend for no longer than 1. Suspension can be extent but no longer than 2 years in the row. The dissolution of enterprises shall complete tax finalization procedures at competent tax authorities before doing dissolution on the Department of Planning and Investment. Those are the most remarkable points.