Cooperation, M&A is an inevitable process of the globalization trend. That is why today, cooperation and M&A are extremely exciting. Enterprises conduct M&A to develop market share, to diversify the business, or simply to buy and sell an asset – ownership in business or to acquire other businesses.

The number of successful and unsuccessful M&A deals is equal. This shows that, in M&A activities, there are many risks and complex legal issues.

GLaw usually gives Clients the consultancy on a cross-border basis, assisting both overseas and Vietnam-related investments. We are especially experienced in consulting on cooperation transactions, M&A. The services we provide include but are not limited to the following:

– Legal appraisal of the Clients’ partners in the cooperation, M&A deal

– Legal process of an M&A transaction

– Restructuring after M&A

– Measures against the possibility of being acquired, eliminated, or lost ownership after M&A