Welcome to the ebook “Guide to Establishing a Business in Vietnam for Foreign Investors”. Our goal is to provide detailed and useful information about the procedures and necessary factors for establishing a business in Vietnam. Key topics will include the establishment process, types of enterprises, business culture, taxes, and support resources.

This ebook is copyrighted by GLaw Limited Liability Company. GLaw was established in 2018 based on Co-Founders who are lawyers with over 10 years of experience. GLaw’s main focus and expertise lie in advising on establishment and operations in Vietnam for foreign investors.

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Table of

Part 1


Part 2

Business Environment in Vietnam

Part 3

Business Establishment Process

Part 4

Types of Enterprises in Vietnam

Part 5

Business Culture and Labor Relations

Part 6

Taxation and Legal Obligations

Part 7

Principles and Laws Related to Foreign Enterprises

Part 8

Support Resources

Part 9

Additional Reference Resources

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