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   ● Market researching and investment consulting in in South East Asia as requested by Australian investors/Enterprises.

   ● Consult and realize legal procedures to apply for Certificate of Investment in Vietnam and Laos.

    ● Consult legal – tax issues for foreign enterprises after their establishment in Vietnam and Laos.

    ● Investment consulting in Australia for Vietnamese Enterprises.

    ● Brokers and representatives to looking for supply and demand for goods/services between Vietnam – Japan –Australia – Laos markets.

    ● Representative office of Vietnamese enterprises in Australia.

    ● Representative offices of Australian enterprises in Vietnam and Laos.

    ● Interpreting – Translation

    ● Consultancy service, dispute resolution in Vietnam

    ● Provide labor as required by the enterprises.

    ● Visa/Temporary Residence Card/Work Permit in Vietnam and Laos

If you are a Australian Enterprise/Australian Investor who wants to invest in Vietnam or had a legal entity in Vietnam wishing to use the services of GLaw, Please contact our member attorneys via email: [email protected].